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All About Annual Tax Information Returns

Why Do You Need to File Tax Exempt Information Returns to the IRS?

By filing a tax exempt return, the IRS can verify if you're sticking to the mission and exempt status of your organization. The easiest way to file your return is to e-file with IRS 990!

Who Needs to File Tax Exempt Returns With IRS 990?

Tax exempt organizations of all types need to file a tax exempt return. This includes hospitals, schools, churches, charities, political organizations, and even animal rescues. With our handy IRS form 990 Finder, you can figure out what form you need to file!

What Is IRS 990?

IRS 990 is a form for exempt organizations to file their annual tax information returns with the IRS. IRS 990 serves as both an information resource and portal to e-filing your tax exempt return. With IRS 990, you can e-file your 990-N, 990-EZ, and 990 (long form) returns.

What Are the Forms IRS 990 Supports?

Tax exempt and nonprofit organizations need to file Form 990 and we offer the best e-filing solution. We have options for each form in the 990 series, and we'll even help you file your schedules. This includes the Form 990 (Long Form), form 990-EZ (Short Form), and the Form 990-N (e-Postcard).

What Schedules Are in the IRS 990 Form?

With IRS 990, you can file all the avaialble schedules for the Form 990 and 990-EZ .

Check out the video for the available schedules

Which IRS 990 Form Should I File?

If your gross receipts are normally less than or equal to $50,000, you need to file Form 990-N (the e-Postcard). If your gross receipts are less than $200,000 and your total assets are less than $500,000, you can e-file Form 990-EZ. If your gross receipts are greater than or equal to $200,000 or your total assets are greater than or equal to $500,000, you need to file the Long Form 990.

When Are the Deadlines for IRS 990 Forms?

Your deadline will differ depending on your organization's tax year. The deadline is always the 15th day of the 5th month after your tax year ends. If you have a calendar tax year, your IRS Form 990 deadline is May 15th. If you had a fiscal year on your own schedule, your deadline will be determined by the end of your tax year.

Where Can You E-File Your IRS 990 Forms?

The best solution for your IRS 990 form is to e-file with On your IRS 990 form, you simply have to fill out the interview-style questions and e-file by the time the 990 form is due. With bulk uploading and multi-user accounts, IRS 990 and have your back.

Do the IRS 990 Forms Need to be Public?

An exempt organization needs to make their 990 available for public inspection. With the annual information return made public, it opens up transparency. Returns must be available for a 3-year period beginning with the due date of the return (including any extension of time for filing) or the date in which the form is actually filed.

How Can I Extend the Time I Have to File My Returns?

You can always extend the time to file your 990 returns to the IRS by filing Form 8868, an application for extension of time to file annual information return. The 8868 Form allows extension of time upto 3 months to file your return.

Help Video - Form 8868

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