Prepare and E-file IRS Form 8868 For a Tax Extension up to 6 Months

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How IRS 990 Helps you E-file Your 8868 Extension

Exempt organizations that aren't ready to file their tax returns can request a tax extension with IRS Form 8868. IRS 990 offers a fast and straight-forward solution to e-file your form 8868 in only a few minutes. by e-filing your tax extension, you save a lot of time and work and you can receive approval almost instantly.

Our cloud-based service allows you to access your data whenever you choose. Your extension Form 8868 is e-filed by following our quick and easy steps with clear instructions offered on every screen. IRS 990 also provides local, US-based support.

Quick Steps to E-file IRS Form 8868 with IRS 990

Step 1: Register for an account

Step 2: Add your basic organization details

Step 3: Select the appropriate tax year

Step 4: Confirm your gross receipts

Step 5: Review summary and audit report

Step 6: Pay and transmit to the IRS