Use the IRS 990 Finder to File the Right Form

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Feeling confused about which 990 Form you should choose? Just follow the steps below to find the appropriate 990 Form to file with the IRS.

Step 1:
Visit and choose "What Form to File" under the menu "Tax Exempt Return"

Step 2:
Choose the type of tax exempt or nonprofit organization applies to you

Step 3:
Choose the correct amount of gross receipts for your organization

Step 4:
Sign into your account and answer the interview-style questions to prepare your Form 990

Step 5:
Transmit your return to the IRS with

How Do You E-file with IRS 990?

The e-filing process is simple! Just sign up for a free account with, select the correct form 990 for your gross receipts, follow the simple interview-style format, and file your tax exempt return. with bulk uploading, multiple user accounts, and an approval review system, is the premier choice for nonprofit and tax exempt organizations to e-file their IRS 990 Forms.

Benefits Of E-filing With